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Subtle Street Style #10: the Sweet Fanny


After the Street Style of Paris Insider and Juliette Kitschtoday is the Sweet Fanny we discover.

The Subtle Street Style is a selection of inspiring looks and stories from members of the Subtle family. These shoe lovers share their experiences and favourites with us. The looks of these men and women, sometimes classic, sometimes original and offbeat, are sure to inspire you.

Summer and winter, it is with its Nude Color Delta Sneakers that Fanny is walking the streets of Bordeaux. Fanny left her native Brittany to work in human resources in Bordeaux. She loves to be at the service of others, her family and dreams of escape since her last escapade in Greece. Her looks always match her personality, soft and unpretentious. Fanny runs as much after the trend as she does to train for her next half-marathon.
Subtle wishes him success in his next race and the fulfillment of his childhood dreams so that he never has to take the subway again.

Fanny's Look with her Nude Delta Basketball

Can you introduce yourself for those who don't know you yet?
Fanny, soon to be 25, Breton expatriate in Bordeaux.

What's your favourite trendy room in your dressing room right now?
A Zara "trompe l'oeil" style jumpsuit: a mix between the feminine/masculine that never goes out of fashion.

Imagine: you have an unlimited budget... What's the dream room you'd like to buy for yourself?
I wouldn't know what to choose... One thing's for sure: it would be madness! I'm a chameleon, so everything in every style, every brand, every color...
(Small dream anyway: A YsL bag, Zadig&Voltaire boots...)

How do you choose your outfits? Where do you get your inspiration?
Depending on mood, time, and schedule.
My inspiration is updated according to trends, I observe people in the street, on instagram...

Do you prefer virtual or in-store shopping?
Without hesitation: in store! I often look on the internet, but I prefer to try.

What did you want to do when you were a kid?
When I was a kid, according to my mom, I wanted to be rich so I could have a driver. But otherwise I didn't seem to think much about it...

What's the perfect outfit for you to wear with your Delta Subtle Basket?
With my Delta Subtle, I often wear a little dress, skirt or shorts. I like to pay attention to the shoes by wearing "short".

What's that music you're listening to over and over again right now?
I listen to so much of everything, it's hard to choose. And above all, I avoid listening over and over again so I don't get bored.
However, one for which I gladly turn up the sound: Jorja Smith x Preditah - On my mind.

What are your next projects for 2018?
I hate to project myself because I assume that you never know what tomorrow will bring.
So if I had to answer today, I would focus on my professional career: finding a new fulfilling, skills-developing position. At the same time, for 2018 and every other year: travel, discover the world.

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