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Subtle Street Style #12 : Mia


After the Street Style of Juliette Kitsch, Fanny and Paulinelet's meet today with Mia from Belgium.

Subtle Street Style is a selection of looks and stories inspiring members of the Subtle family. These shoe lovers share with us their experience and their favorites. Sometimes classic, sometimes offbeat, these looks are sure to inspire you.

Mia comes from Belgium and it's since a detour through the United States of America that she changed her way of life. Already passionate about fashion and convinced by the importance of origin in a good diet, she now decides to dress ethically. For Mia, fashion is a reflection of each person's personality as much as a choice to encourage different, fairer consumption. Through her project Up and Down HillIt gives back its letters of nobility to a Belgian fashion industry embodying slow fashion. Drawing her inspiration from everywhere and always putting the emphasis on comfort, she combines her vegan Subtle Epsilon with a nice, simple and efficient look. Subtle wishes Mia and Up and Down Hill a bright future and hopes that her look and vision of fashion will impact you too.

Mia's look with her new pair of vegan Epsilon shoes

Can you introduce yourself for those who don't know you yet?

Hello, I'm Mia Charlier. I started an eshop of Belgian designers almost a year ago.
I have always been passionate about fashion because it reflects our mood but also our personality. The way we combine the pieces of our wardrobe reveals a part of us. When I became aware of the value of clothes, my way of looking at fashion completely changed. I could no longer participate in this industry that exploited its employees by underpaying them, for example.
As a result, I set myself the goal of redoing my wardrobe ethically and preferably locally.

What's your favourite trendy room in your dressing room right now?

A jeans jacket found this summer in a secondhand shop in Antwerp (Melting pot 15€/kg) that I'm wearing on the pictures. It's basically a jacket for men. I usually wear oversize especially for jackets / coats.
And of course my Epsilon Subtle sneakers... my first pair of white sneakers. I've always known the other side of the tracks for the big sneaker brands. So I never bought sneakers...

Imagine: you have an unlimited budget... What's the dream room you'd like to buy for yourself?

There's Stella McCartney's black Falabella reversible bag that I've always dreamed of having. Stella is the first to have never used animal material for her collections. The Chana coat from her latest collection is also a marvel.

How do you choose your outfits? Where do you get your inspiration?

I very rarely follow trends (especially because of the fast-fashion that advocates disposable). Often it is according to my mood and what I plan to do during the day. If, for example, I have several appointments in Brussels on the same day, coming from Namur, I know that I'll have to run around, so I'll go for a comfortable outfit.
The inspiration comes to me from several elements: a sentence in a book, a photograph, music etc. I test and mix several styles into one. I have always liked to combine different pieces that don't have much to do with each other and that together do everything.

What did you want to do when you were a kid?

Editor of a fashion magazine or war reporter. From what I remember, I was more into fashion. I love reading and writing. Even now I want to write for fashion magazines about slowfashion, ethics, ...

Can you tell us about your Up and Down Hill project? What motivated you to get involved?

After a road-trip in 2016 in the United States with my lover, I had a click. I was eating healthy, I was paying attention to where my food came from,... but as far as clothes were concerned, I always went to the big stores. I didn't pay any attention at all to the way they were made. In the United States, when we went to the stores, I saw a lot of American (especially Californian) designers, it was written "made in California".
I immediately asked myself if I had in my dressing room a piece made in Belgium. The answer being negative, as soon as I got back to Belgium, I started researching to find Belgian designers. It started with a personal desire to redo my wardrobe. Then, I told myself that all this research could also be of use to other people who might be in the same situation. Instead of going to the four corners of Belgium, you can go directly to a platform where they would be grouped together.
After all, it all happened very quickly and today, the site will soon celebrate its first candle (December 19, 2018).

What's the perfect outfit for you to wear with your Epsilon Subtle Basket?

Personally, I think everything goes with Epsilon sneakers. I often wear them with imitation leather leggings and a denim jacket but also with a floating plum dress with mustard flowers.
On the other hand, the perfect outfit to wear with Epsilon sneakers is a long grey dress with long sleeves a little open on the side and a black mid-length blazer. It goes in all circumstances (work, going out, eating out, ...).

What's that music you're listening to over and over again right now?

There are so many... One that I put on almost every day: My lady d'Arbanville by Cat Stevens.
I still work in music. I often listen to old French songs (just old songs). I have absolutely no idea what's going on these days.

What are your next projects for 2018?

Several events are being prepared. By the end of 2018, a 3rd pop-up store will be opened in Brussels.
As for the rest, surprise...

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