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Subtle Street Style #14 : Camille


Subtle Street Style is back for your greatest pleasure with new visuals and a new interview. After the Street Style of Mia and Anne-Gaëllelet's meet Camille the vegan yogini today.

Subtle Street Style is a selection of looks but above all personalities to inspire us every day. Passionate about shoes, committed people and designers of all kinds, Subtle met Camille. This young twenty year old went into exile in Spain after working in organic cosmetics. A year ago, she launched her own brand of organic cosmetics. yoga blogsharing his passion for yoga in particular, not to mention his vegan commitment. Also committed to feminism, she writes on subjects as different as they are committed. On the personal side, Camille loves her family, her dwarf spitz Percy and knows the Twilight saga by heart - and she is not ashamed of it. On the look side, Camille's closet is full of finds from thrift stores, because this yoga enthusiast is in favour of ethical and responsible fashion.


Camille's Look with her pair of vegan Epsilon

Hi, Camille! Can you introduce yourself for those who don't know you yet?

Hello, my name is Camille and I'm a web editor. I'm also a yoga blogger and creator of yoga content on Instagram and YouTube. I am vegan and I like to make my own clothing designs from recycled clothes.

What made you decide to take up yoga?

I discovered yoga when I went to travel in Asia for 3 months. I went to Nepal with my backpack that I put down for a few weeks to do a retreat with Nepalese yogis. They gave me the theoretical and technical knowledge of yoga.

What made you become a vegan?

I became a vegan out of animal consciousness. I learned about the conditions under which cows are raised and milked (among other things). After two videos, my choice was made. I realized that my actions were not in line with my thoughts, so I decided to take action and become vegan. Of course, I'm glad that switching from a meat diet to a vegan diet also has an impact on the environment.

What do you think eco-friendly fashion is?

In my opinion, eco-responsible fashion is the fashion to follow, of course! It is also about brands that make a lasting commitment to various principles such as the environment, solidarity and ethics.

Are you slow fashion or fast fashion?

I'm completely slow fashion, because I don't find much interest in buying clothes from the collections of big brands. I buy very few new clothes, and when I do, I try to turn to eco-responsible brands.

Which criteria are important in your consumption choices: aesthetics, durability, quality of materials, origin, ...?

To be honest, I'm looking at aesthetics first. I think it's a natural reflex. But I need more than that to buy. If I like a product, then I find out about the brand: its history, its values and the quality of its products.

How do you prefer to wear your Subtle?

Subtle doesn't need much to make an impression! I like to wear them with boyfriend jeans or high waist jeans, with visible white socks and hem. Assorted with a little white t-shirt: simple and very effective!

How did you find out about Subtle and qhat do you like about the brand?

I'm of Romanesque origin, just like the brand. I had the chance to cross the path of one of the founders of Subtle, and that's how I got to know the brand. And for what I like... first of all the fact that I can find vegan products. I also find that the derbies are very elegant and the vegan Epsilon sneaker give an impeccable style.

What's that music you're listening to over and over again right now?

At the risk of losing a few readers, I listen several times a day to Intentions by Justin Bieber. I won't say I'm a Belieber, but it's just as well!


What are your next projects for this year and what can we wish you for the future?

I plan to further develop my blog and YouTube channel. I also have in mind to go to Asia to follow a yoga teacher training course.
You can wish me and my family and friends who are truly extraordinary and caring people, good health. If you could also wish me success in my professional and personal projects (which are extremely important to me), I would be grateful!

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