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Derbies Alpha Low - Black


Leather Derby shoes for men.
Vegetable-tanned pearl leather upper.
Leather interior lining.
Natural leather heel.
Wearlight foam sole for better cushioning.
TPU toothed skate with high abrasion resistance for greater durability and extreme grip.
Made in our workshop in Portugal

How do you wear your Derby Alpha Low?

Tip: Slightly large waist. If you're between sizes, take the lower size.

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The shoe Derbies Black Alpha Low is adorned with clean, flowing lines. Its wide tray and textured vegetable-tanned leather make it a refined model that can be worn with formal or casual wear. A detail that creates elegance. The Men's Derbies Shoes from the Alpha collection are available in two colours: black or camel.

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Black leather shoes go back in time. The Alpha Black Derbies shoes in their black version transcend the ages.

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Between Paris and Berlin, SUBTLE redefines codes and brings a new perspective in terms of quality and detail. Click here to access the lookbook of the first ALPHA collection.

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The fine smooth leather of the Alpha Black Derbies shoe is the essence of the shoe. The leathers used in the manufacture of Subtle shoes have been carefully chosen to respect the environment. They are semi-vegetal leathers. The tanning process is more environmentally friendly than the tanning of "traditional" leathers. The products used allow for increased resistance to moisture and dirt while protecting the foot and the skin.

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with whatever you want!

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Simply by opting for raw jeans and a white T-shirt or with more formal clothes, the Alpha model is a timeless Casual chic that will blend easily with any style.

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Weight 2 kg





Calf leather




1.73 kg

Made in



40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46

  1. Max.B

    Very comfortable shoes. The more you wear them, the better you feel. The flat sole is very "smooth", it feels like slippers, ... at least not in city shoes, tight and rigid.
    I have them in black - leather OK, colour OK, I recommend at this price.
    Can't wait for new models to come out 🙂

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