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Epsilon Vegan Sneakers - White & Indigo


White vegan basketball
High quality microfibre rod guaranteed solvent-free (40% Polyester, 60% Polyurethane)
Waxed laces, more resistant and less messy
Breathable textile inner lining
Removable microfiber insole
Sewn non-slip rubber sole
Flannel rear buttress
Model designed in Romans-sur-Isère, made in Portugal

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White vegan sneaker, comfortable and minimalist

The white vegan Epsilon sneaker is the third model imagined by the Subtle brand for the year 2018. After the elegance of the Alpha derbie and the minimalism of the Delta sneaker, the Epsilon is 100% vegan, from the sole to the eyelets. More than a new design, this model is also approved by the PETA label.
blue vegan basketball

The heart of the vegan sneaker: a HIGH QUALITY stem

Epsilon vegan sneakers are made from microfibre, an alternative to leather, and carry the Oeko Tex® eco-label. This material, which is used extensively in furniture and car interiors, has many technical qualities. Subtle has chosen it with a view to sustainability. Among the different versions of this resistant microfibre, we have selected one with a texture and grain similar to leather, for a more beautiful aesthetic effect. This one is made from a mixture of polyester and polyurethane, without solvents. The microfibre was also chosen according to its origin: it comes straight from Portugal. By sourcing the different vegan materials used in the Epsilon sneaker from one region, we reduce the carbon footprint of the model, making it even more eco-responsible.

Ventilation rings for good breathability

As microfibre is a less breathable material than leather, we have chosen to add two ventilation rings on the inside of the foot. These openings allow the sole of the foot to breathe and evacuate heat, for better comfort and durability as well.

The basis of our vegan sneaker: a durable sole

As with all our vegan shoes & leather, we have chosen a very resistant rubber sole for the Epsilon. More than a choice of comfortable and resistant sole, Subtle wanted a quality fit. The upper and sole are assembled by a Strobel assembly. This assembly consists of gluing and sewing these two key elements together, for an ultra resistant finish. The perfect compromise between flexibility and support.

A non-slip heel for more comfort

We have also added a microfibre non-slip surface, very effective in preventing the heel from slipping on the back of the shoe.
white and blue vegan sneaker

How do you maintain your pair of vegan sneakers?

The microfibre that makes up the upper of the Epsilon is easy to care for, making it an ideal alternative to leather. To clean the upper part of your vegan shoe therefore, use a soft, damp cloth or sponge with a little soap. Soap from Marseille, Aleppo or the store next door, it's up to you! Scrub gently and finish with a clean dry cloth. Resist the call of simplicity with machine washing that will deform your pair of vegan sneakers.
For more details, read our detailed article on thevegan shoe care.

How are they made?

A Portuguese confection for a quality result

The white vegan basketball Epsilon is designed in France and was conceived by the brand in 2018. Made in our workshop in Portugal in the region of Porto, this pair of sneakers made in Portugal has been designed and manufactured with care. Our Portuguese workshop has been selected for its know-how and environmental approach, all with respect for the workers.

Impact on the environment

- 100% microfiber (without animal leather)

- Ecological CO2-free manufacturing system

- Chromium VI-free

Easy to wear

Whether chic or casual - Epsilon vegan sneakers are easy to wear and suitable for all occasions. The flannel insert at the back of the shoe adds intensity to the material and character to your outfit. For a minimalist, chic or casual look... it's up to you!
Basketball blue-vegan
Vegan epsilon shoe
Weight 2 kg





High quality microfiber guaranteed without solvents (92% Polyester, 8% cotton)



Made in



36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46



  1. jibe22

    A timeless but unique design. A comfortable shoe that knows how to be forgotten but does not leave you indifferent. I love it and I recommend it! My wife already has two other pairs...

  2. Max.B

    Beautiful shoes - comfortable and well finished.
    The colored fabric is very nice. Very happy with my purchase, I recommend it. At this price, do not hesitate!

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