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vegan footwear

The Epsilon vegan shoes are the third model imagined Subtle. After the elegance of the Alpha derbie and the minimalism of the Delta basketball, the Epsilon sneaker is 100% vegan, from the sole to the laces. More than just a new design, this model is acclaimed by the label PETA-Approved Vegan for his ethical commitment.
The different components of this vegan shoe have been carefully chosen for their ecological labeling, their more durable and weather-resistant composition and their assembly. More precisely, the upper of the shoe is made of microfibre with the Oeko Tex® eco-label. In addition to being guaranteed solvent-free, it has a texture and grain similar to leather, for an uncompromisingly eco-friendly look. The upper and sole are assembled using a Strobel assembly. This assembly prevents the two last elements from coming apart thanks to a sewn sole in addition to being glued. The perfect compromise between flexibility, durability and support.

Vegan shoes designed in France and made in Portugal

The making of Epsilon is entrusted to our "Coup de Coeur" workshop in Portugal, whose know-how and experience are well established. These vegan shoes are the result of a Franco-Portuguese work guided by alternative choices, namely vegan, ecological and ethical. Because Subtle wants to simplify the challenge to consume better, we have done our best to offer you the best version of an eco-responsible shoe with a flawless look.


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