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Subtle Street Style #4 : Vittto the globe trotter


Subtle Street Style is back for your pleasure with new visuals and a new interview! After the street style of Max the dreamer and Thomas the tightrope walker, let's discover Victorien Masson alias Vittto the globetrotter.

Subtle Street Style is a careful selection of looks and personalities to inspire you every day. The crème de la crème of shoe enthusiasts offer us the association of their style with derbies in pictures. This is a great way to guide us and avoid doubtful associations! If you are still hesitating between wise, casual or more daring looks, let yourself be guided by these Subtle derby lovers!

Feeling short of inspiration? Follow Vittto! This law student is as passionate about fashion as he is about travel. His style? Casual but above all casual, he avoids taking risks and invites the less inspired to safe values. Vittto knows how to marry the essential pieces of a man's wardrobe with colors, from Paris to Blyde River Canyon. Today he shares with us his winter look in jeans and derbies, for his return to university with a soft touch!

Who are you?

I am a law student with a passion for travel and always ready for a new adventure! In fact, I'm leaving for South Africa soon.

How do you define your clothing style?

I would define it as chic and casual at the same time and then colorful because I never wear black.

What's your favorite song of the moment?

My style of music is very varied, at the moment I listen a lot to Vianney and MHD for example but my favorite song is ROCKABYE by Clean Bandit, I love it!

How does it feel to walk around with your Subtle Alpha's?

From the first day I felt comfortable with it, the leather is soft and adapts super fast. I've been to Disney lately and even though I've been stomping around all day, my feet didn't hurt. Yet these are not sneakers ! So comfortable these Alpha !

What are your plans for 2017?

My big plans for 2017 are to get my license, to go to South America for several weeks with my best friend to discover this continent that fascinates me so much!


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