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Maintaining your leather shoes: the five essentials

Leather shoe care

You've got a pair of lucky leather shoes, don't lie! Maybe you even have more than one. They accompany you to the office, in the evening, on dates, they never let you down. What could be more natural than to pamper them? "But you still have to know how to do it, you might say. Subtle gives you the five essential points to do it right. care for leather shoes and take care of your best style ally, so your love affair will last.

Caring for your leather shoes
for a better longevity

As you will have understood, the longevity of a pair of leather shoes depends a lot on its maintenance. If leather necessarily evolves over time, it becomes obvious that your shoes will not stay the same: the leather will take on a patina. Through wear, brushing and polishing, the leather will get a tint and shine that will make it unique. With time and care, your shoe will take on an aged, noble and unique look. Don't be in a hurry, be patient!
Today, we will detail part of the care of a pair of smooth leather shoes: where and how to store it, wear it and preserve it from humidity.

Leather shoe care. Caring for your leather shoes


Leather shoes can't be stored just anywhere. They should preferably be stored in a shoe bag or cardboard box in a dry, airy place. Storing your shoes in damp or wet areas exposes them to mould. Also avoid exposing them in places that are too hot, for example in direct sunlight, in the trunk of the car, near a radiator, etc. Otherwise the leather will suffer.


For the shoe to keep its original shape, the use of shoe trees is central. They are available in raw wood, ideal for absorbing moisture, or even in plastic (in furniture stores in particular, for small budgets). Beware, stuffing your dry shoes with newspaper before storing them is an ersatz solution. This is not ideal, as the newspaper cannot perfectly fit the shape of the shoe and stretch the leather to prevent it from warping. Indeed, the interest of the shoe tree is there: to reduce the formation of folds of the shoe, preserve their original shape and thus increase their lifespan.


Don't panic if your shoes have caught rain! The wrong reflex is to dry them under the radiator. Indeed, in contact with a heat source, the leather will crack or shrink. The right attitude is to let them dry in the air with their shoe trees. You can also remove the cleanliness firsts, if they are removable, to let them dry.


Even if you love it, even if it's terribly comfortable and your favourite, avoid wearing a pair of shoes two days in a row. Your feet sweat and perspiration being acidic, this moisture attacks the leather. You understand this, so it's essential to let your pair of shoes breathe by air-drying them for at least a day if not longer, otherwise the lining of the shoe will be damaged too quickly.


There are different types of shoe polish, in different packaging, with different components. Remember two things: as for the choice of products, avoid those containing silicone, and forget grandmother's recipes that don't work every time. Similarly, smooth leather, greasy leather and suede leather do not wax in the same way. Each leather, dyeing and tanning requires special attention and a particular product. Because the subject deserves to be treated properly, find the article on the polishing of leather shoes smooth.

Now that you've got the right gestures to pamper your shoe, all we have to do is get together to find out how to make your shoes shine!


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