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Subtle Street Style #6 : Adeline your best friend


Subtle Street Style presents you today, its very first Subtle Woman, her style and her personality. After the street style of Max the dreamer and Flo the hedonist, let's discover Adeline and her pair of Delta Nude sneakers.
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Subtle Street Style is a selection of inspiring looks and stories from members of the Subtle family.
These shoe lovers share with us their experience, style and other favourites to better guide us each morning. Sometimes classic, sometimes original and offbeat, the looks of these men and women presented should surely inspire you.

Adeline is the good friend we'd like to have. A jack-of-all-trades, living her experiences at 100%, she does not filter her emotions. Her boundless energy is a real ray of sunshine. Despite her thirst for culture, she loves the simple things: her nephew, good meals, little kittens, and cocktails with friends. She doesn't just spend hours shopping for the perfect outfit. She even goes so far as to create the missing piece to complete her latest look. Her curiosity is matched only by her creativity.

Adeline's look with her nude Delta Basketball

Who are you?
Adeline, passionate and curious about everything. I love to have a thousand projects in progress, from sewing to writing, while chilling with the family on Sundays by the pool or by the fire. I'm completely gaga over my little nephew, a fan of Silence des Agneaux, and I maintain that Savoyard fondue does not suffer from any season. Crack Free Download

How do you define your clothing style?
I love to steal coins from my companion or my parents, and wear them as memories thwarted by favourites, trendy or timeless, depending on my mood.

What's your favorite song of the moment?
Canopy of Polo & Pan.

How does it feel to walk in your Subtle shoes?
I feel beautiful and at ease with my Nude Delta Sneakers! I feel like I have candy on my feet, they go with everything and are super cute.

What are your plans for 2018?
Learning and discovering more and more. To continue to grow through new projects, both personally and professionally, and to gain wisdom.


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