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How do you care for your vegan shoes?

vegan shoe care

Care of vegan shoes

Faced with a need or a desire, the ideal purchase is often a basic one. In the case of sneakers, white sneakers are an invitation to be headless! But the maintenance of a white sneaker worries you more than anything else, doesn't it?

Faced with many questions from you regarding the maintenance of your vegan shoes EpsilonSubtle gives you some tips on how to care for these white microfiber sneakers. Regarding the maintenance of Delta sneakers, please refer to this article on theleather shoe care.


What is microfiber?

Let's start with some theory. Microfiber is a very fine woven textile fiber. They're less than.009 millimeters in diameter. They can be composed of polyester, polyamide, etc. These woven fibres are more resistant to light and moisture in particular than other textiles. This also makes them easier to care for.


Maintaining the microfiber

As for the maintenance of the upper part of your shoe (the upper part, above the sole), you can simply clean it with a soft cloth or sponge dampened with a little soap (no need to rub hard), then wipe it with a clean dry cloth. Some will advise you to use Marseille soap, others specialized cleaning foam. Do as you wish! However, forget machine washing, which will deform your shoes and make sure you remove the laces from your shoes to clean them better.

Leave your sneakers to dry well in the open air and avoid exposing them directly to a heat source, either in the sun or under a radiator.


Make the microfiber even stronger

A little tip to make your shoes even more stain-resistant and clean them even more easily: waterproof them! The microfibre sprays are easy to use and protect them from the weather. Spray the product onto your dry sneakers from a distance of 30 centimetres and let it dry in the open air. Note that there are many sprays available depending on the material of your shoe. So choose it carefully.


That's it? That's it?

Maintain its vegan shoes isn't just a damp sponge stroke on the stem, as you can imagine. Keep in mind a couple of tips to maximize the longevity of your shoes. 

Put on your sneakers by loosening your laces and ideally with the help of a shoehorn: the buttress will not deform like this.

For your insoles, air fresheners in the form of sprays can "refresh" them and have a bactericidal and fungicidal function. If your insoles are removable, you can even clean them according to their composition. In the case of textile soles, cleaning with soap and water is possible. Another tip to refresh the inside of your shoes: sprinkle a little baking soda on them and leave it on for one or two hours before removing it.

One last detail: let your shoes air out and avoid wearing them two days in a row as much as possible.


Clean vegan shoes

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