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How to become vegan?

go vegan

Dans une publicité, dans un blog ou une conversation, vous avez du l’entendre : « vegan ». Ce mot sous-entendant un ensemble de questions voire d’incompréhensions en tous genres. Subtle soutient ce mode de consommation en créant des chaussures véganes, soutenues par PETA. C’est aussi pourquoi nous allons faire le tour de la question avec vous.

What does it mean to be vegan?

Becoming vegan means not consuming any products of animal origin or even those tested on animals. The question of food is at stake of course, but not only. We are talking about vegan food, vegan cosmetics, clothing and vegan shoes... in short, of vegan consumption. Thus, becoming vegan means not eating meat or fish, but also to draw a line on eggs, honey, wool sweaters, leather shoes, make-up tested on animals, etc. 

Becoming vegan requires a lot of determination if you have been barbecuing prime rib all your childhood and you have a crush on Subtle's Alpha derbies. However, this mode of consumption is based on more than commendable values. The interest for animal welfare is of course at the heart of this way of life, which may seem demanding at first. But changing your habits is not always easy. So, where to start?

How to eat vegan

The key is simple: take it step by step. You can also change from one day to the next if you have the click and you work on the principle of all or nothing. You are free to proceed according to your desires and your limits. 

Changing your habits little by little allows you to anchor new ways of doing things in the long term, without rushing. So there's no need to throw away your half-used mascara or your freshly opened jar of honey. Start with what is most important to you. If it's food for example, discover new recipes, rich and tasty vegan dishes. But first of all, ask a doctor's advice: these diets, if they are badly carried out or not accompanied, can harm your health and cause deficiencies. Little by little, you will know what to eat to get the nutrients you need for good health. Your culinary repertoire will expand and cooking vegan will be a breeze.

Switch to vegan cosmetics

The change of diet to become vegan is probably the most challenging step. When it comes to clothing and skin care products, there are two schools of thought. Some consider that leather shoes already in your closet - or even in a thrift store - can be worn while being vegan: you did not buy them new and therefore did not participate in the "supply and demand". Others, on the other hand, will not support wearing a dead animal in the form of a leather jacket, even if it was bought in the past, given away or bought second-hand. And that is your decision.

When it comes to buying new clothes or new cosmetics, it's easier. Many labels and certifications exist today to identify the vegan product you need. When in doubt, read the composition label to hunt for animal ingredients. And if, like us, the chemical language of cosmetic compositions leaves you stunned, trust the reference brands.

Where can I find vegan makeup or vegan toothpaste?

Many cosmetic brands, among others, exist today and claim to offer vegan items. To make your life easier, there are also sites that list all the products you currently need. Becoming vegan with the right addresses is a lot easier. Subtle advises you this eco-responsible products website to find everything you need on a daily basis (and made in France too): deodorant, vegan make-up , vegan toothpaste and even household cleaning products. 

In addition to consuming vegan, you can also consume more ethically and responsibly. Think about buying second hand, but also recycle what you no longer wear, clothes or shoes. Let's take care of the animals, but also of the planet!

So, ready to go vegan?

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